Why Aren’t We Winning?

Many people have gotten mad with me for rocking the boat; in fact, I’ve had people DM me saying to stop because I was causing too much trouble. The problem is this: If someone doesn’t call out the liars, hypocrites, and frauds among us, how can we ever grow into a strong movement? How does allowing people who exhibit bad behaviors benefit us in anyway? Doesn’t such tolerance of the intolerable weaken us? Of course it does. Can we blame anyone but ourselves when things fail as they always have because we always lower our standards? And worst of all, when someone notices this problem and calls these people out, their followers will actually defend them instead of correcting them! I’ve seen this several times now: facts don’t matter to these people, even when they are irrefutable!

The charge of cognitive dissonance is thrown at the left, but I’ve seen it just as much on the right. With every e-celeb I called out, or any flawed ideology I challenged, I received the same knee-jerk reactions no different than those used by our despised enemy: libel and slander. The only difference is the labels. From “muh low IQ” to “chasing clout,” or “he’s irrelevant” to “he’s anti-white,” some even going as far as claiming I’m a federal agent or a Jew—all lies, none of which addressed my critiques or refuted my claims—shows the Pavlovian responses deeply programmed into these people’s heads by their so-called leaders. Once their defense mechanisms are triggered to protect their investment—whether financial, emotional, or both—their followers engage in unethical behaviors to destroy the person who is exposing the flaws of their cherished influencer.

Throughout the months of me rocking the boat, I have seen this time and time again, and it made me realize something I didn’t think before: not only are these so-called influencers flawed, their followers are just as flawed; their inability or unwillingness to correct their favorite leaders shows this to be the case. This is because their “woke” following is no different than any sheeple; both are still driven by emotions once they establish their beliefs. Thus, it is obvious why such leaders can’t admit wrong and will quadruple down on their lies because they know their following would leave if someone made them change how they feel about them. In other words, the grifter knows if they are destroyed by an honest man, they’ll lose their following and their income, since their following is only following them because they make them feel good. If they truly cared about the cause, they wouldn’t have egos; they’d put themselves last and uplift the people. But I’ve seen the opposite too many times: Despite their blatantly obvious character flaws, they somehow manage to create a cult of followers who follow them no matter what because they are so desperate for leadership. Many will not only tolerate their flaws, but even downplay them. And should any honest person attempt to expose those flaws to them, they will project their leader’s flaws unto the critic, using an inverse technique to dismantle any legit criticism and repeat their leader’s lie about that person, over and over again. This is obvious to anyone who saw what has transpired in recent months with me exposing those who I called out for lying and other things. It is sad and disheartening.

These influencers have no integrity. They make up stories and excuses when called out, and then run away with their narrative without facing their accuser; claiming victory without any battle which is quite easy when they are supported by a loud echo-chamber of sycophants whom they have successfully led astray. And what should be done about it? Should I remain silent and let them continue to lead our people astray because of “muh don’t punch right?” Would you appreciate me more if I just cucked to liars, frauds, charlatans, grifters, mis-leaders, and people who are pushing a failing strategy? I’d hope not. I’d hope you have the courage to correct me for such cowardice.

In regards to punching right: First of all, I’m not left nor right; I am a THIRD POSITIONIST. Secondly, Nature demands conflict. Yes, even among ourselves: only one group will win. ONE! Yet people orbit and pretend to be friends, tolerating those they wish to convert and would probably eliminate if they got the power to. We must stop playing pretend and become more confident in our positions; realize our actions will either convert or eliminate those who oppose us, and we do not need to pander to anyone. If we are going to remove the weaklings among us so we can grow stronger, we first must eliminate the weakness within ourselves. But because many lack the courage for such brutal self-inquiry, are also driven emotion, and feel a sense of utter desperateness, they rather remain silent and let the beta-males run the show.

Recently, due to my compassion and bipolar nature, I was convinced by a few people to stop calling out frauds, hypocrites, liars, narcissists etc., and to stop expressing my criticisms of certain ideologies for the sake of some movement that doesn’t exist. I was even told to “stop bitching” about these things. Yes. It is now considered “bitching” when you have integrity and call others out for lying and misleading people. But the problem with this is now I am being a fraud by holding back; I am letting actual bitches silence me by projecting their inability to handle criticism, conflict, or see their favorite person get triggered. This I can no longer do, especially when the people who I should be criticizing are still going around weakening our herd and dividing the people with gossip like women because no one is correcting them.  

Now you may wonder, “Who the hell are you to go around criticizing and correcting people?” Good question. The answer to that is: it doesn’t matter who I am, rather, it’s whether or not what I’m saying is true. This isn’t about me; it’s about correcting those who are wrong. But by me doing the correcting, I become a target and have to use my experience to not only defend myself, but also show people proof why their beloved leaders are the problem. “But how do you know they are wrong?” Simple. They are lying, have exhibited severe character flaws, and most importantly, are using failing strategies. Someone has to do this, and I guess it’s me, since no one else seems to have the balls to do it; they are either too afraid of rocking the boat—which is sinking—or they naively believe that several political ideologies will be able to win together in the end. In other words, people are playing real politick pretending to be friends, when in fact, they are actually enemies. When such people ask you to cease your attacks, it’s so they can advance forward. I’m not falling for it again.

Ultimately, Nature does not care for kumbaya fantasies. If you don’t like me or what I’m doing, go elsewhere. In fact, I think you’re part of the problem. By cucking to these beta-male weaklings and their failing strategies, they continue to be confident enough to go around an ensnare more people with their lies and rumors, because when left unchallenged, they will continue doing what they do, and it’s our fault we allow it. Thus, it is the duty of any real man to call them out and put these beta males back in their place; they have no right to lead the herd.

I demand we become better, and so should you! The fact we have the option to in-fight shows we are pushing “tolerance” no different than forced diversity does. You shouldn’t be forced to tolerate anything you don’t like or disagree with, and the fact we allow these pockets of diverse ideas and strategies to be pushed by incompetent idiots and childish, egomaniacal narcissists, should concern you. Until we take out the trash and stop pretending otherwise, WE’LL CONTINUE TO LOSE.

A real leader is selfless and willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good. One who sits in an echo-chamber grifting followers from their safe-space, lying about others, and selling fantasies is not a real leader. One who cannot take criticism without getting personal is another sign they are an ego-driven and insecure person who will only mislead others. And yet many people pretend not to see these obvious red flags, or in worse cases, as I mentioned, accept them as some cute character flaw and make excuses for their toxic behavior.

So the next time you ask yourself, “Why aren’t we winning?” now you know why. We lack real leadership, and the people who are in places of influence are too egotistical and self-centered. We have e-celebs and idiots influencing our people and it must end. This isn’t a game; this isn’t some drama show; this is reality. If we don’t stop enabling those who exhibit unacceptable behavior among our ranks, and allowing beta males and narcissists to be our leaders, we will NEVER WIN. We must purge our ranks of these types and reorganize.