Where Did All My Social Media Go?

It has been a while since I have posted on my website because my daughter came into this world last November and life at home has not given me the time to write, nor have I been in the mood to do so as my creative spark comes when it comes.

For years now I have been involved in an ongoing battle with trolls and stalkers—mostly upset Jewish individuals who simply cannot take any legit criticisms of the State of Israel, Judaism, and the blatantly obvious Jewish influence in virtually every facet of American life. These self-proclaimed powerless and persecuted people swear they have no influence, yet the world bends to their cries of persecution and supposed discrimination. They have thousands upon thousands of Jewish lobbies across the world literally embedded in every crevasse of society and have gained immense power in politics, banking, media, big pharma and the list goes on. Moreover, being such a tiny minority on this planet, they are disproportionally represented in these fields, and many of them, not all, are doing things that harm the nations they live in. And should you as a patriot point out these facts, or even quote one of them admitting it, you are labeled an “anti-Semite” and a campaign of slander and libel begins. Hell, any Jews who point out these inconvenient truths are called “self-hating Jews” and even “anti-Semites.” Once you anger or even slightly offend this powerless and voiceless minority, they will make sure the entire planet perceives you in the worst way: they will deploy the media, activists, stalkers, and even trolls to destroy your reputation in every way possible; they will work together across the world to mass-flag your accounts, send the authorities to your home to intimidate you—as they have done to me—they will get your fired from your job; they will even send you death threats—all of which I have submitted to police for public record.

This battle between me and the so-called Jewish community has been going on for quite a while, and no matter how I tell the truth, even with me always clarifying that I am only calling out those guilty of doing evil things and making sure I defend innocent Jews who are normal citizens in the same boat as us—like the Jews who are my friends in my personal life—I get the same reaction of hatred, especially because I had become quite influential on social media for exposing those who are doing evil. Unfortunately, the Jewish community is so heavily indoctrinated with fear it seems it’s impossible to get through to them as they have a knee-jerk reaction to any criticism or facts that make them uncomfortable, equating these things to Nazism or the Holocaust.

After all the years of going back and forth, they’ve finally succeeded in deplatforming me: my YouTube and Twitter have all been suspended for supposed violations of Terms of Service; my Facebook—which only had family photos and baby videos—apparently “violated community guidelines,” yet it was private and I never posted any politics on it. But everyone knows the truth: they had to erase me from social media not because I was spouting nonsensical tropes, canards, or “hate speech,” as they always claim, but because there is no refuting or “fact-checking” what I have always been saying. Their only option was to use their immense influence to get rid of me.  

Luckily, alternative platforms have been created by those who also find this kind of censorship anti-American, but it is only a matter of time until these are also shut down. The ADL—who is one of the leading Jewish lobbies behind internet censorship across the world—does not believe in free speech and intends to snuff out anything they deem to be “hate speech” from the Internet. But who are they to decide what is hate or not? Who gave them this authority? Well, when you are a Jewish supremacist, you believe the entire world should obey you and any dissent should be eliminated, not just from a few websites, but all websites in all countries.

Despite all the attacks and hatred toward me from Jewish people, I cannot hate them for I understand that every group is manipulated by a parasitical elite from the top-down with propaganda. For example, Black folks are manipulated by the race-pimps and victimhood-peddlers to always feel like they are persecuted, hated, and discriminated against just for being black; any Blacks who reject this dogma and preach positive messages that are not based on identity politics are called “Uncle Toms.” White folks are constantly told to feel guilty and ashamed, that they are inherently racist evil, and need to become a powerless minority to stop racism; any White person who does not toe this line is labeled a “Nazi,” “racist,” or “White Supremacist.” Just with these two examples you can see how behavioral incentives are socially engineered from the top-down, likewise it is for the Jewish community. So, what does the 9-to-5 Jew have to gain from going against the narrative that is shoved down their throat? Not much. But I am not making excuses for any of these groups mentioned; we all need to stop being afraid of names and do what is right, otherwise we will always be at each other’s throats while the parasite class keeps sucking the life out of us. If only we could all see past their lies and work together to free ourselves! This is precisely what my message of unity is and that is why I have been nuked off social media.

Despite being censored, I have successfully made new accounts on some of the mainstream social media sites, but they will probably be suspended again. I can’t even make another YouTube without it being instantly shutdown; it seems I am on some kind of blacklist. Thus, I have decided to build up my presence on other censor-free platforms and I suggest that you do, too.

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