The Mosh Pit of Lies

Last night I laid in my bed and had this deep feeling of disgust with myself after reviewing several conversations I had on my Twitter, realizing I had lowered my standards once again. Despite promising myself to up my game and not engage in anything that could further divide good people from one another, I’ve been getting sucked back into the very divisive distractions that are designed to put us at each other’s throats. I was so disgusted and ashamed with myself, I decided to delete every single tweet on my Twitter, and every single video I made on my YouTube, aside from my music and live shows. Why? Because I don’t want to even see that person again. In fact, this is not the first time I have done this, but I do hope it is the last.

Some may claim this is to hide or backtrack from what I have publicly stated, but this is not the case; I will never apologize for what I have said, nor have I ever, because I don’t say things I don’t mean. The only people I have ever apologized to in my life are to those I have let down when I have been weak. Moreover, my detractors always make sure to archive any tweets or videos they believe can be used against me—just type my full name in a Google search and you’ll see—thus, the erasure of everything has nothing to do with them or anyone else, but has everything to do with me correcting myself once again.

Although I am completely aware that the gaslighting we are experiencing today is utterly preposterous by design, I failed to keep my cool and let it pass. I usually ignore things and try not to get sucked into stupid conversations, but it pains me to see how effective the same lies and scripts still are, being used over and over again without people even realizing it. I have to admit: the devilry of these propagandists is second to none.

Sometimes I’m able to resist; other times I just can’t help but jump into the mosh pit and obliterate the liars. But that is precisely what the elites want us to do. These parasites want you to jump into the mosh pit, because it isn’t them you are going to be beating up, but your fellow human beings who are victims of their deception, too! And after you’re done beating them up, whether it’s “owning” them in a debate, or releasing your pent-up emotions in an angry rant, all that is left is more division and destruction. In other words, you have also been manipulated to jump into the pit and make matters worse. And so, when I found myself duped once again, I decided to get out of the pit and focus on doing things right, which means starting from scratch.

So, what can we do? The best thing we can do is still tackle the establishment’s lies, but not attack anyone who is infected by them. The propaganda pit is designed in such a way that it causes you to dehumanize your opposition, to the point you no longer care whether or not they can be cured from their delusions, and only seek to destroy them in order to protect those you consider allies and the narrative you believe to be true. This ensures any soul who could possibly be saved has no chance of joining your cause; it also prevents you from learning if you and your side is wrong as well. In fact, in the pit, the first victim is the truth. People in the heat of battle are so blinded by their tribalism, they’re only concerned whether they achieve victory or get out alive, rather than gaining the truth.

Another thing I’ve come to realize is I don’t want to be another person saying what everyone else is already saying. I want to say things that are different, preach something revolutionary, and not be involved in the same boring conversations that the grifters and shills discuss which leads the people to either the left or right slaughterhouse. We must expose this system and help people break free from the socially acceptable conversation, not by sitting here trying to shift the Overton window, but by smashing it completely while offering a new paradigm that benefits them directly.

Ultimately, as frustrating and painful as it may be, we must avoid jumping into the mosh pit. That is not to say we should ignore conversations and just let the gaslighting go unchallenged, but instead, we should observe the mosh pit and just throw facts into it while standing on the side lines. These facts will be alternatives to the current system, along with any other useful information that can help people break free from their mental slavery. These facts should also be delivered via the Socratic method, along with any effective ways that can help people come to their own conclusions. The more we do this and throw our alternatives into the pit in a compassionate manner, the more chances they will catch the attention of those who grow tired of getting bloodied in the same old fight. Eventually, such types will realize there is no hope within the current system and will look for a way out. We can hand them the truth, and show them the way out, and but we can’t do that with our fists closed.