My Journey In and Out of the Rabbit Hole of Racism.

There was a time when I had no idea race was even a concept; I only knew of the colors and names used to categorized people in our society based on how they looked. I also believed, like most people, that race was just skin deep. There was a time when I didn’t even know what an Italian was—I thought anyone whose last named ended in a vowel was Italian. It wasn’t until I was 28 years old when I learned the supposed “truth” about “race” from people who refer to themselves as “race realists.”

How I came to learn about this idea is another story of its own, but I’ll give a brief history.

The main factor that led me to race realism was me seeing a new form of racism on the rise in my country: anti-White racism. I saw anti-White racism being promoted on all media and even in academia, and because I am labeled White by society’s standards, I experienced this racism first hand. I was told, by total strangers I’ve never met, that I have “white privilege,” and I should have “white guilt” for slavery and other crimes I never committed, along with all this other insane racist nonsense thrown at me just because I have white skin. But I wouldn’t accept these logical fallacies and lies; thus, I had no choice but to speak out. However, speaking out against this nonsense apparently made me a “racist.” I found other White people who realized this was wrong, and I got involved in the “pro-white activism,” which I felt was the right thing to do in order to push back against anti-White hate. However, this came with a heavy price: the utter obliteration of my reputation by organizations who promote this very racism against White people. These liars and racists, who claim White Supremacy runs the world, are able to destroy your life for even daring to speak about White people in any positive way; even in their defense when attacked by other racists. Posting a flyer that says, “It’s OKAY to be White,” prompts an FBI investigation into a possible “hate crime.” How strange is that? Why would there be any consequences for fighting back against anti-White hate if White Supremacists controlled everything? Moreover, why would White Supremacists promote anti-White hate in their media and academia, if they controlled both? The more I spoke out, the more attacks on me came; they not only proved the opposite of what the anti-Whites were claiming, it also showed me that everything I had been learning about this one specific tribe of supremacists—who are anti-White and subjugating the West—was true. I was shocked to learn of them and their ideological golems; how these well-crafted monstrosities were living right under our noses, undetected by most people; undermining virtually every facet of our lives in order to achieve the Tribe’s diabolic goal—divide and conquer. I had to do more, so I started an activist group and got into White Identity politics. However, I failed to realize that I, too, was being purposely driven into this defensive position in order to be pitted against other races; it was all by design. I didn’t learn this truth until a few years ago, which I will explain later on in this post.

Going back to the idea of race realism.

The position of race realism is simple: The human species is not exempt from evolution; therefore, the differences among human groups are much deeper than skin color, including intelligence and behavior. In other words, according to race realism, you could compare the different races just like you could compare different dog breeds. Of course, no one denies the obvious and beautiful diversity of our external differences, but most people don’t buy nor care about any other supposed differences. But apparently there are people out there who just hate others because of these surface differences: the Hollywood version of “racists” we see drilled in our heads. I have yet to encounter any human being who “hates” someone based on how they look. Every time I spoke to a race realist to learn what they believed, their position had nothing to do with looks, but rather, with behavior, which they believe is genetic. Ah, now it made sense! This appeal to genetics explained away all the differences in crime, IQ, the 3rd  world, and so on. The world now made sense to me. “Well then,” the newly born race realist in me concluded, “Perhaps its best we all live in peace with our own kind, as Nature intended.” And this is where race realism ensnares most logical people; including people like myself, despite having a heart of gold and universal compassion. “If Nature wills it, I thought to myself, “then my feelings are irrelevant.” It was this mentality which allowed me to disown my own blood, despite every inch of my soul telling me not to. I eventually learned I was wrong and my feelings were right all along, especially after learning where race realism collapses onto itself, which I will get to later.

Disowning my sister.

Not only did I have to endure nonstop attacks by every so-called anti-racist person and group (mostly anti-Whites), even the relationship between one of my sisters and I ended because of my position. This was heartbreaking. “How did this happen?” I’m sure everyone in my family wondered. Before my so-called “racial awakening,” I never cared about race or anything; including her relationship with her boyfriend at the time (now husband), until I became a race realist. When I did, I disowned her for the crime of “betraying her race,” and aiding and abetting the anti-Whites in their goal of blending out Whites via “miscegenation.” Hypocritically, I didn’t care whether my friends or strangers were doing it, and I never hated other races or anything—like these anti-racist groups claimed I did—but my identitarianism extended onto her. The Reason? My blood must do what I do, otherwise it is not my blood. It was at that point the tribalist in me was born, turning me into someone no different than the enemy tribe who is currently undermining the West. “Miscegenation?” I thought, “Not on my watch!” I gave her an ultimatum to leave her relationship or I would end ours. I bombarded her with graphs, statistics, and appeal to preserving her race, but nothing worked. She loved her boyfriend and didn’t care. I thought I had failed as a brother and accepted that my sister was just another victim of “White Genocide” (Kalergi plan); I couldn’t bare the pain so I had to let her go. Even though I always liked her boyfriend and his family, race-realism logically led me into adopting a racist mindset, driven by fear and the desire to preserve my own kind, preserve its culture, and prevent its extinction; it was never personal, but it destroyed my family, ironically. The more pain I felt and anti-White hatred I faced, the stronger the tribalist within me grew. It had me focusing more on the scum of out-groups rather than the scum within my in-group. It got to the point where I believed anyone in my race who wasn’t doing what I was doing, was a race traitor and part of the problem. Yes, I unfortunately became no different than any Zionist who claims all Jews are Zionists no matter where they are, even if they reject Zionism! This is precisely why the real racists and supremacists play both sides of the so-called race war. Zionist agents are behind both the fake anti-racists (who are anti-White), and also the so-called racists (who are in defense mode), while the real racists manipulate all identity movements to pit each race against the other. Meanwhile, the Tribe justifies their racism and supremacy, and will even help other racial groups when it suits them to further their agenda. However, they cannot do this alone: those who are more prone to trialist behavior are more than happy to help them in their endeavors.

It took me about 4 years to see through this complex race-bait trap, thanks to the Tribe’s total control of all mainstream and even most “alternative” media, manipulating every narrative and herding people into a tribalist mentality. Eventually, it was my philosophical and spiritual nature that lead me read genuine anti-racist and anti-tribalist literature which helped me see my own hypocrisy and irrational logic; eventually helping me to break free and allowing me to go back into the warm embrace of my sister. I made amends with her and her husband, along with her in-laws—even writing a letter explaining my journey from hell and back. Despite the pain and suffering I caused her, myself, and my family, they all understood, for they are good human beings and always knew that I was, too.

It has been years since I transcended tribalism and realigned myself with my true nature as a noble person, but I know how strong the propaganda is, and how it can turn a noble person into the very thing they despise. This is why I am writing this: to expose this trap so you avoid making the same mistakes I did.

Back to race realism.

So, what is the fatal flaw of race realism? Simple. Although currently—in this stage of human evolution—there may be certain phenotypical traits exclusive to certain groups of humans, there are no behavioral or intelligence traits exclusive to any group of humans. Remember that because it is the most important part. Perhaps there are certain groups who produce humans with superior moral and intellectual traits more frequently than others, but this in no way justifies discrimination of certain individuals by appealing to any race-based argument because they come from another group. In fact, it matters not who anyone is physically; there is zero justification to live among someone who lacks the behavioral traits and morals you desire to be around, regardless of their race. Even if someone’s IQ is drastically lower than yours, what does that matter unless they are doing evil and harming your society? And why is IQ worshiped so much? What good is someone with an IQ of 200 who is a serial rapist? You want to live next door to this person, but not next to someone with a 90 IQ who is a law-abiding citizen? Of course not. “Well, lower IQ equals more crime!” Ah, so your problem again is behavior. It is not the lower IQ—which can’t determine someone’s character—rather, it’s someone with a low IQ who also has a bad character. The solution isn’t to be racist or prejudiced against an entire group, but to seek out and eliminate bad behaviors by removing specific individuals who exhibit those behaviors. “But if we do that, the majority of this demographic will go, and that’s racist!” The demographic is irrelevant; it is not your problem if the amount of people who happen to be ignoble have a certain phenotypical expression. Should we keep criminals and other scum of certain races around for the sake of maintaining a majority or adding diversity? Of course not. Eliminate the ignoble behavior wherever you find it and it will reduce the frequency of that behavior being expressed in society; allowing the most moral and well-behaved of our species to prosper, wherever in the world and whatever the phenotype. Ultimately, noble human beings are not worried about living among those who may look different, so long as they act right. There is no excuse to allow any ignoble or subhuman behavior to exist anywhere on this planet.

How they make Tribalists.

The racists and supremacists know the majority of people don’t care about race; thus, in order to avoid a united from against them, they use their media and influence over the masses to create racial tensions. The people are bombarded with all sorts of racist nonsense, which creates actual racists against people who are not racist. Moreover, they deploy their federal agents to manipulate and even run fringe groups to create the illusion of a racist threat, while simultaneously acting as the authority against the very racism they created—the typical problem, reaction, solution. This dupes the people to believe their scapegoats are the real problem, when they aren’t. They also know they cannot attack every race simultaneously; they must focus on the majority who holds the power in the nation they wish to overthrow, in order to pin the minorities races against them; appealing to racial oppression and other myths in order to create more racist tribalists from these minority groups.

I have seen and had my share of encounters on social media with anti-Whites, skin heads, ultra-Zionists, La Raza, and Black Israelites types. This goes to show how effective these Shepherds of Mankind really are; they are masters of creating division and turning virtually any group into racists. But even within those groups, the “hatred” I found was based on their unfounded belief in their own superiority; whether they could do something no other group could do, or that they were chosen by some higher power to be the rulers of mankind, rather than hating other groups for looking different. Ironically, the types who actually believe they are superior for just being born, happen to be the most morally and genetically inferior subhuman types that don’t even live up to their own delusional standards. I’ve seen: an obese low-IQ white supremacist screaming at people claiming, “My people went to the Moon,” taking credit as if she did; a Zionist Jew claiming he was chosen by God, and that Palestinians are animals, along with the other 7 billion+ goy, meant to serve them; a La Raza supremacist claiming his people descended from the stars and will conquer the world once they kill all White people; a Black Supremacist claiming his people are the real Israelites, that Jesus was Black, and Whites are going to be their slaves one day. It became obvious to me that this kind of Hollywood racism was not exclusive to any particular group; and in fact, can be expressed in any group so long as human beings can be conditioned to believe their group is being oppressed, is under attack, or is superior for some reason. Thanks to Zionist Hollywood propaganda and other racist machinations, this kind of racism is increasing like never before. And ironically, anti-Semitism is skyrocketing, too, since Zionists actually need Jews to be afraid and feel persecuted in order have them help reinforce their political agenda and narratives. To think Black Lives Matter isn’t helping to create a new generation of race realists would be naive; it is part of the plan. The Zionist needs partners in crime; they sure know how to find them, and if they can’t, they sure know how to create them.

So, what position do I hold today? I call it “trait realism.” I do not deny human biodiversity nor do I deny evolution; it is a fact the human species evolved differently around the world and human groups are not equal, otherwise we wouldn’t have any human biodiversity. But this does not mean we shouldn’t be treated equally under the law, nor that there is a superior race, in fact the total opposite is true: there are only superior individuals. Thus, categorizing human beings by race is utterly useless when trying to find these superior individuals. Granted, it may beneficial knowing one’s “race” in the medical field to gain more knowledge of an individual’s genetic heritage, but none of this matters when it comes to determining behavior.

What is trait realism?

Trait realism is logical conclusion from everything I stated above. It is the position that behavior is mostly influenced by genetics; that nature trumps nurture, but human behavior can be molded. Thus, trying to use race to organize human beings is not only flawed and outdated, but doesn’t solve the subhuman problem which all groups face, with or without diversity. Yet some will argue it is best to not risk it and just separate via race just to make sure. But this doesn’t solve any problems. For example, they may remove illegal aliens who have raped women in their country from their presence, but they’ll still have to deal with rapists within their own borders. And why wouldn’t they eliminate all rapists they encounter, right then and there, rather than deporting them to rape someone else in another part of the world? How much better would the world be if we humans all worked together to get rid of all rapists and other violent criminals wherever we found them?

Race has also become the favorite weaponized, social construct of the elites that serves to further divide good humans from one imagined race, from good humans from another imagined race; allowing the supremacists and their tribalists allies to divide and conquer, all while we sit here arguing about IQ, inventions, and statistics. None of it matters. What matters is good quality human beings flourish, while bad subhuman beings are out-bred into extinction. There is no sound argument for any good people to subsidize and encourage the reproduction of morally inferior, violent subhumans criminal who harm society. But so long as we divide ourselves with myths, lies, and genetic tribalism, and only worry about our own group instead of all humanity, the power of the Tribe will only increase, since we will remain too divided and unable to destroy their global hegemony.

As for the race realists—many of whom I know and understand how they think—I have yet to meet one who refused to live among minorities so long as their own race was the majority. But even this position aligns with my point that virtually everyone—aside from the tribal supremacist and racist—is fine with living around minorities who act like them. Yet they fail to see what good is it to be the majority if the majority of their own are inferior in character? Can we really claim the majority of say, White Americas, are morally superior people when they are on the verge of demographic suicide because of their deceptive and self-destructive virtue-signaling cowardice; standing idle as their nations burn, kneeling to a mob that hates them, and are allowing themselves to be exploited and subjugated by supremacists, all so they can keep their job and avoid being called a name? Should the African American minority become the majority of the United States, when this group has the highest homicide rate and the most fatherless homes of all the groups in this country? Should the horrors of Chicago become the norm across all of America? Even when Blacks become successful, the first thing they do is move out of their own neighborhoods where they are the majority. So, what does this tell us about how they think of their own people? How could either the “browning” or “whitening” of America be a good thing if they will both produce inferior Americans either way? Even Whites I know, including myself, wouldn’t want to live among other Whites who have different morals than I do; especially when such types are the number one reason we face the problems we do today. What good is it to live in the same town as a White Antifa member, if you’re a conservative? Is it good for anyone from any race to live among a White Antifa member who disagrees with their ideology? No. This goes for every identitarian group I’ve spoken to. If only these groups realized their own fallacious reasoning was one of the biggest roadblocks in their way, they could drop it and unite with others so we can all focus on the common enemy. That is why it is important to appeal to all people of noble character in order to recruit them to fight the real racists and supremacists, regardless of their ethnic or racial background. And to those who would argue, “But that group has far fewer noble types!” So what? Does that mean you should not abandon those worthy from those groups? Why not at least help them escape the hordes of subhuman scum they are surrounded by? What kind of noble person would you be if didn’t offer your hand and ask them to join you?

As an anti-supremacist, I am not here to dictate how groups of humans should organize themselves; my only concern is when a group decides they should rule over and control other groups. Whether this world gets mixed or not; whether we have pockets of homogeneous groups existing here and there, or whatever, I don’t care: the only thing that matters to me is whether these groups are noble and just. For there is no sound argument to preserve any group who is ignoble or unjust on the basis of their phenotype, culture, religion, etc,. You do not spare a serial killer because they are part of your race and have a high IQ; you execute him because he is subhuman and has harmed others. Understand this and you will understand what I mean by trait realism.

And for my fellow White Europeans and Americans out there concerned with what I said: we have always been a minority, and the tribe that runs the world is one of the smallest minorities today; yet they control most of the world while we can’t even control countries that were handed to us by greater men. So being a minority isn’t the problem you need to concern yourself with; the problem you should be concerned with is whether or not the majority of people in your country are noble and just, along with its ruling class. That is not to say I support massive 3rd world immigration or the displacement of White people from where they are, but I am saying the focus should be on moral eugenics: removing scum from our society wherever they may be, so whatever remains is not scum.  

No matter what you or society identifies you as, you are first and foremost a human being, and your main goal should be to find other human beings of noble character, form an alliance, and work together with them to crush the real racists and supremacists, so all humanity can flourish and put its creative energies towards solving matters that affect us all: world hunger, environmentalism, poverty, and so on; noble causes worthy of our blood, sweat, and tears, rather than bickering and fighting to maintain the status quo, and obsessing with maintaining our identities and cultures when it really should be about creating better human beings and cultures.

I believe trait realism is the future: It is an idea that will resonate with all noble human people across the world, since they already believe in it anyway; it’s the real anti-racist position which destroys the fake anti-racist position; and it is the only one that will unite us together so we can destroy the golems and machinations of the supremacists, in order to free ourselves from their death grip, and create a better world for all our children.