From the Mundane to the Metaphysical: Observations and Reflections on Life

This book is a compilation of observations and reflections from my life on politics, philosophy, spirituality, justice, relationships, personal development, and much more. I share many accounts of my life lessons and experiences; having no qualms revealing intimate details to establish a personal connection with you.

Every entry has a purpose, a deeper meaning, and a reason for being there, and with each comes a new lesson to be learned. But not every lesson is direct: I intentionally leave some things unexplained so readers have to go outside my writings to learn and find the truth on their own, in the world, and deep within themselves.

This book is also somewhat of an autobiography: It tells how I took my habit of jotting down small ideas and insights on my phone’s notepad, to eventually mustering the discipline to write an entire book and become an author. The journey from start to finish took exactly one year, and I take you along with me as I grow and change over the course of that time.

If you’re looking to read something completely different, then this book is for you. It’s a fun and easy read that could change the way you observe yourself, others, and life; a book that is refreshing and gentle, but also thought-provoking and tough; a clever linguistic dance between light and dark, to help you find balance within yourself.

Available on Paperback or Kindle!