Cancel Culture is Terrorism

The definition of terrorism is the use of violence or intimidation to achieve a political aim; I argue “cancel culture” is also form of terrorism. Although its proponents typically engage in non-violent intimidation, it uses a method which is just as sinister and harmful as US sanctions—designed to harm and coerce civilians until they comply to their political agenda. Cancel culture sanctions anyone who is not toeing the line, stripping them of their resources (income), and demanding them to submit to the demands of the modern-day inquisition. Sometimes, submitting will allow the person to be spared, but there are times when even kneeling down and atoning for “sins” is not enough: the inquisitors have already passed their judgement, the damage has already been done, and the mob demands blood. Now, as an admitted heretic, the person must be burned, especially when the high priests always wanted to burn them anyway.

One may argue cancel culture is just a result of free speech, the free market, and our democracy in action—in many cases it certainly is justified to call for someone to be fired or resign—but there are times where it’s not, and the people pushing it are hiding behind these very concepts to justify this new form of psycho-political terrorism. The problem is cancel culturalists are attacking free speech, manipulating the market by intimidating companies, and are using the mob to destroy a person’s life, causing them to lose their job, permanently. These modern-day witch hunters do everything in their power to harm someone for virtually any reason they can find, whether it’s something they said or did recently, or even decades in their past.

Now, I am not against a private company firing someone whom they believe can harm their bottom line—since their number one motivation is profit—especially if the person said or did something terribly repugnant that no decent person would agree with, or violated their contract or company policy, but we are seeing people’s lives getting destroyed for simply disagreeing with certain narratives or positions that have nothing to do with their line of work, or for once holding a position they no longer do. It is completely disingenuous to claim cancel culture is an organic, democratic response to something bad, or a consequence of the free market, when it’s obviously an inorganic, politically driven, and often manufactured (hate and rape hoaxes etc.) phenomenon, created by individuals and organizations that want to limit free speech, who just so happen to have monopolies on certain markets, namely media, using every possible means they have to seek and destroy anyone who doesn’t submit to their agenda. There is nothing organic about this phenomenon; in fact, it is a concerted effort. Again, I am not against people using their freedom of speech to condemn certain individuals for their actions, and shame them until they apologize.

Cancel culturalists go to the extreme: demanding one is stripped not only of their jobs, but even how they collect or deposit their money. From fundraisers and advertisers, to payment processors and banks, these supremacists will find ways to get these services to ban their victim, usually by threatening to boycott the service providers. And they don’t stop there: they will also go out of their way to sanction virtually anyone tied to this person, even calling for relatives of people unrelated to the situation to be fired, insisting they, too, must be starved of all their resources, like the US regime starves civilians into submission. If sanctions are considered an act of war, so should cancel culture. And for this reason, I believe the government should protect US citizens from this form of psycho-political terrorism because it is a politically driven agenda.

One way the US government can intervene is to offer the public its own kind of payment processor and banking service—via the US treasury and postal service, protected by the 1st Amendment—so the mob can’t strip a cancelled person of receiving funds from their supporters, which most of the time are keeping them and their family fed and off the streets. Furthermore, I believe the US government should actively seek to employ people who have been canceled, because if they can’t find a new job, they will have to claim unemployment and become an unnecessary burden to society. Another way is to amend employee rights to include the right to not be politically discriminated against, ensuring that employers cannot fire someone due to their political beliefs, allowing US citizens to sue if they believe they are a victim to cancel culture. This will deter employers from easily bending to the will of the mob and also deter the it from trying to cancel people in the first place. In other words, if someone cannot be fired for holding or stating their political beliefs, cancel culture will be ineffective and cancel itself.

And finally, libel and slander laws should also be amended to make it easier for someone who is being attacked by the media and multimillion-dollar “hate” organizations to sue them as well. It should be required that every non-profit organization that prints on any media platform, make every statement about a person an opinion, unless that statement is based by irrefutable proof. I have been a victim of libel and slander for years, unable to sue people for lies that have resulted in death threats because I do not have the funds to fight back. These malicious actors hide behind free speech to justify claims that are demonstrably false, and do so because they know the average person does not have the money to sue them. They also use their monopoly on mainstream and social media to crush any attempt to clear one’s name, ranging from de-platforming to burying the truth with their search engine manipulation. As mentioned, they can only achieve this level of terrorism because they have absolute control of all media; thus, it is imperative that the government help its citizens defend themselves from this unfair situation.

Today, America is so politically divided, we are seeing discrimination akin to Jim Crow era; the only difference being instead of black vs white, it’s blue vs red, or left vs right. The level of “canceling” we see today, is eerily similar to Stalin’s unpersoning of certain individuals during his reign of terror. This kind of political terrorism cannot go unchallenged; something must be done, otherwise things will only get worse.