A Proud Anti-Zionist

I am a proud anti-Zionist. Yes, I am. In fact, I have no choice but to be, for Israel is an enemy of my homeland: the United States of America. The treachery against my country by this rogue nuclear parasite is well documented and continues on to this day, but is hidden from most Americans. This is due to the hundreds of pro-Israel groups—which should be banned—that promote the myth that Israel is our greatest ally, brainwashing Americans to accept this lie when in reality, she is our worst enemy. In fact, she is not an ally in any official capacity whatsoever, and has done more harm to our national security than any other nation on this planet. Yet nothing is done about it. Why? Because our politicians are bought and paid for by the Israel lobby: they all sing to the same tune; they take orders from ultra-Zionists groups; they subsidize this enemy with our taxes; and enact policies which harm the United States in favor of it. The Zionist is a 5th column usurper; thus, I consider all Zionists a national security threat that have to be removed from all positions of power, otherwise they will use that power to benefit Israel at the expense of the United States. In other words, virtually every American politician in office today is a Zionist, and therefore, a traitor to the American people.

The viperous ultra-Zionists and their agents use their semantic sorcery to claim, “anti-Zionism is the new anti-Semitism,” but this is a logical fallacy. One can be anti-Zionist and not hate Jews at all; in fact, there are plenty of Jews who are anti-Zionists. Despite this, these Pharisees have acquired enough power to change laws within the US to limit the free speech of American citizens to shield Israel from any criticism or economic harm. You would think this would be enough proof to wake up the masses, but it is not; in fact, many Americans continue to kowtow to Israel and support it no matter what you tell them.

But everyone knows the truth, and everyone knows you’re not supposed to say it; that’s why most people react in almost the same way. Like Pavlov’s dogs who were trained to salivate anytime they heard a bell, the so-called patriotic American will begin to foam at the mouth with hatred towards anyone who criticizes Israel in any capacity. Can you blame them? Their cowardice is partially to blame, but we must give credit to Zionist media that has conditioned these folks to react this way.

Now, to make myself very clear: me being an anti-Zionist does not make me anti-Semitic, nor does it mean I want the country of Israel to be wiped off the map; her existence or nonexistence is irrelevant to me, and all I would like to see is a change in her behavior so we can all just get along. But in order to do so, Americans, both Jew and gentile, must stand against the current Israeli regime and demand it to change, otherwise it won’t end well for anybody, especially Jews.

For every act of terror, espionage, genocide, and destruction Israel commits, the Jews around the world will feel the consequences. Since Israel claims to represent all Jews, antisemitism will increase, and will do so exponentially on a global level, as it has been. This is what the diaspora Jews fail to understand: the current State of Israel is also their greatest enemy. Zionists know this, which is why they try so hard to cover up their crimes and convince the diaspora to move back to the so-called land of the Jews, but many don’t want to. They beg and try to guilt diaspora Jews into sending funds and voting for pro-Israel candidates to manipulate American politics in their favor. All of this is driven by an appeal to the Holocaust and other threats to the so-called Jewish people, herding diaspora Jews where the Zionists want them.

The Zionist needs antisemitism to keep Jews scared so they support their ideology; this is admitted by Theodore Herzl and other prominent Zionist figures. They do not hide the idea that Jews should put Israel above all, implying if they don’t, their people will be exterminated. This fear of another Holocaust creates a dual loyalty in almost every Jew in every country, as it is designed to, which manifests in either a passive or direct role contributing to Zionism. The passive role is more of a emotional support for Israel, whereas a direct role is political support for her. The former is typically innocuous and can be corrected with education, but the latter is dangerous and must be dealt with. Ultimately, this kind of fear-mongering is dangerous for any diaspora Jew, and I highly suggest every Jew and gentile ignore these appeals to emotion and abandon Israel completely; I doubt she will last more than a few more decades if she continues acting the way she does.  

But why, after all these years, am I so adamant now? Because I did try, I really, really did try, to talk sense into American Zionists and convince them that they shouldn’t be supporting Israel. But they, whether Jew or non-Jew, always end up acting the same way, making it virtually impossible to convince them otherwise. I can’t recall a time when I actually had a good conversation with one of these types without hearing all the slanderous labels they are programmed to use being thrown at me. I can’t recall a time I ever converted one of these types! I have learned that even ending a conversation in a disagreement is not enough; I have to block Zionists on Twitter otherwise they will just start mass-reporting tweets, trying to get me banned. Zionists cannot be trusted or compromised with; all these years wasted trying to do so have finally shown me it is futile. Thus, I see no reason to play nice with these people anymore, nor try to save any of them; anyone who is unwilling to accept the objective truths available with a simple Google search are either too stupid, too far gone, lying, shilling, or are ultra-Zionists trying to undermine my nation.

So, I stand tall and proud, and loudly proclaim, “I AM AN ANTI-ZIONIST!” and no amount of shaming, blaming, or name-calling of any sorts will deter me from exposing this rogue terrorist nation and what she has done to the world and to my fellow Americans, so long as I live, for it is my duty as an American patriot to do so.