Identity Politics: A Game Forced On Us

For at least three years I have been preaching a universal message to appeal to the hearts and minds of all good people from any group in order to unite us against the elites who use identity politics to divide us. This approach worked quite well for a while, but my idea that we could completely eliminate identity politics by transcending tribalism was recently shattered by the current Black Lives Matter insurrection taking place. After seeing the brainwashed violent hordes, loot, destroy property, and even kill people, and learning all attempts to talk sense into them proved to be futile, I realized no amount of dialogue with these types would make a difference, nor would any facts free them from their delusions: they are set in their ways; they worship lies; and anyone who doesn’t kneel to them is the enemy. I also realized even though I reject identity politics, identity politics doesn’t reject me. When speaking to these fanatics, they would label me what they perceived me to be, even if I rejected their labels and told them who I am. No matter what I said, nor matter how many times I explained, they forced their labels on me, and I had to no choice but to play their game. I tried to avoid identity politics, but in this so-called melting pot they are inevitable. To avoid playing this game is like being unarmed when encountering someone who pulls out a gun and insists you hand over your wallet; the only thing you can do at that point is get robbed and hope you don’t get killed. But if you know you have to play the game and are prepared, you will be armed and have a chance to defend yourself should someone try to attack you. So, whether you want to play or not, they will force their game onto you. But who wants to live in such a society where, at any moment, someone could walk up to you and force you to play a game you don’t want to play? Who wants to be around constant tribal warfare? There must be a better way to organize human beings. Well, there is.

The solution to identity politics is to organize in such a way that they are eliminated. How could we achieve this? Simple. We need to establish ideologically homogeneous communities where identity politics would not even be possible. For example, if people from Group X only lived among themselves, there would be no one else to struggle against and the only thing they’d need to worry about is how to manage themselves. Compare this to a society where Group X lives among Groups Y and Z, making identity politics inevitable. Which society do you think would be more harmonious? The obvious answer is the former. That is not to say all problems within Group X would vanish, but many would, allowing their governments to focus on more pressing matters. However, this is only possible by organizing people who share the same exact worldview. In this way, they will live among those whom they agree with and would no longer have to fight other tribes for power and resources within their own community. This solution is the only way; there is no sound argument that could justify the opposite without appealing to a form of supremacy. This is because it ensures every group gets to be a majority and live how they want under laws and ideas they agree with, rather than being forced into a multicultural, political battlefield where they have to war against others in their own backyard.

But of course the powers that be won’t allow these kinds of societies to form; the current model we are all forced to live under is precisely how they want things to be. It’s how they divide and conquer; robbing and exploiting us while we are too busy at each other’s throats. In order to break free, all tribes must unite, at least temporarily, to fight the common enemy. However, after seeing how the current situation has unfolded in the United States, it is obvious this, too, is a pipe dream, especially because the majority tribe allows itself to be exploited by minorities. In a multicultural society, minority tribes have no incentive to unite with the majority as they, too, benefit just like the elites do by feeding off their productivity. In fact, they have every incentive to unite with other minorities in order to strengthen their political power against the majority. Therefore, there is no escape from identity politics other than to reject multiculturalism and reestablish mono-cultural societies, no matter what it takes or how hard it may be, that is, if we ever want to be free.